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Hi! 👋 I’m Mike. I’m drawing from my professional experience at digital health and food startups and my personal sustainability journey to create NutritionBenefits. I know how powerful plant-based eating can be for improving our health and healthcare system, reducing wasteful spending and environmental harm, and ending unnecessary suffering — and I’m frustrated we aren’t harnessing that power. Instead, we’re doing just the opposite…

Each year in the US, we spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize and proselytize disease-promoting foods. As a result, we eat more of those foods, feel worse in the short term, and develop largely preventable conditions like diabetes and heart disease in the long term. Meanwhile, employers spend $13,000 per employee per year (and climbing), and our nation as a whole spends trillions, insuring for and treating disease rather than preventing it. So, I’m creating NutritionBenefits to make plant-based eating easier for Medicare members and employees so more people can enjoy its benefits.

To kick things off, I’m seeking physicians and dietitians to offer MNT and eligible Medicare members to sign up for nutrition counseling through NutritionBenefits. Interested? Please click the links above or email

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Updated Dec 15, 2020

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